Holiday Lighting Professionals

It seems simple enough in this day of DIY television networks, YouTube, and how-to sessions at the local hardware store that you as a homeowner can handle almost anything. So why should holiday lighting be any different? We believe that there are several reasons to choose the lighting professionals at Moon Glow: Our staff are […]

Lighting Never Takes an Off-Season

One of the biggest misconceptions about landscape lighting is that it disappears in the Winter. Quite the contrary – it actually just changes. As it does in Spring, Summer and Fall. Lighting is a four month display that highlights different aspects of your property with each interval of the year. Every season brings about a […]

New Lighting Technologies

Like many other industries, landscape lighting has seen its fair share of innovative-technologies introduced. These products add energy savings and options to make the control of your system easier and customizable. LED continues to evolve and has essentially made halogen & incandescent bulbs a thing of the past. LED not only matches the look of […]

Trends: Deck and Patio Lighting

As mentioned in an earlier blog here, home owners are investing in their properties to create a beautiful space for a ‘Stay-cation.” Within these backyard resorts, most likely there are two main focal points, decks and patios. Lighting is a key component to creating an inviting space into the evenings and four months a year. […]

Anatomy of a Lighting Installation

For this blog post, we thought it would make sense to explain the process we use when it comes to actually installing a full lighting system. This is the stuff that ensures you have a well designed quality system for years to come. When we arrive on site with our fixtures, bulbs, tools and plan, […]

Servicing Your Lighting Investment

It never fails – you’re driving down the highway when a little light appears on the display. Time for service. Just like a car, your landscape lighting system needs service. Unlike your car however, there isn’t any sort of indicator as to when this needs to happen. More often than not, servicing becomes a reactive […]

Lighting for Special Events

Are you looking for a way to WOW your guests this year? Have you considered lighting as part of your special event? It seems obvious that you need light to carry the party into the evening, but how much emphasis have you placed on this very important component? At Moon Glow, we specialize in two […]

10 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Living Space More Festive

While most people spend a great deal of time decorating the interior of their homes for the holiday season, there are plenty of ways to bring that festive sparkle outside and share it with friends, family and neighbours. Check out these 10 trends that are lighting up the front porches, backyards, and landscape designs of […]