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Stylish Walkways in Paris: Landscape Lighting

Safe TravelWith down lighting placed sumptuously in this magnolia in Paris, Ontario, we created soft landscape lighting on the paths and steps to ensure safe travel and a beautiful walkway.

The challenge with any garden landscape is balancing the softness of nature with the angles of the human design, while at the same time creating a safe, visible pathway that doesn’t interfere with the mood of the environment. The lighting needed to be muted but present, warm without being hot.

Moon Glow Lightscapes lit this natural space in Paris with several discreetly placed spotlights. The angle of the lighting illuminates the vivid emerald of the magnolia tree. And even though this lighting draws the eyes upwards, downward pointing lights keep the path lit and safe.

This project demonstrates how lighting can create centerpieces in a garden. During the day, this natural space is wide open and beautifully lit by the sun and coolly shaded by the magnolia tree. At night, the lights pull the magnolia tree to the centre of the environment and give the space a sense of coziness and comfort.

As with every Moon Glow Lightscapes project, the project team took care to ensure that the lighting is covertly placed into the landscape. Where other companies draw attention to their light fixtures, Moon Glow Lightscapes placed the spotlights into the environment discreetly so that, during the day, the hardware of the lighting is unobtrusive and doesn’t take away from the natural beauty of the space.

“We didn’t know what we wanted exactly but we knew it had to be beautiful and affordable,” says Pamela, the client who commissioned the work. “What we received was perfect for the space. We’ve had many people compliment us on the work. What I like most is that the lighting seems so natural, like it was always supposed to be the way it is.”

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Landscape lighting design – entertainment with ambiance in Guelph

Guelph landscape lightingIn Guelph, Ontario, lives a man who loves to entertain long into the night around the soft, ambient landscape lighting of his pool. But he didn’t always have such a gorgeous spot for spoiling his guests. Before Moon Glow Lighting enhanced the space with luxurious lighting, the spot was dark and gloomy—better suited to a mystery novel or a spot for gargoyles to rest.

Lightscaping pools require a special expertise. Water can reflect the lighting in ways that reduces the ambiance of the space, and if the lighting company lights the water harshly from underneath, the client can end up with a pool that is far too public for private swimming.

The approach Moon Glow Lighting took to the landscape lighting design project was built around three principles: 1) The space must have an ambiance that is as inviting for large group gatherings as it is for intimate groups;
2) The lighting must illuminate the boundaries of the space and the pool in ways that hightlights safety without interfering with the ambiance; and
3) The lighting must accentuate the natural beauty of the water and the greenery.

“What was important was that we create a lighting design that was as unobtrusive as possible,” says Mike, a member of the team that worked on the project. “The client didn’t want posts, spotlights that cast sharp edges and long shadows or lighting that distorted the colour palette.”

To make this happen, Moon Glow’s landscape lighting design worked with the natural forms of the pool and greenery to create a lightscape that opened up the space and brought out the natural colours and shapes—and did all this without creating the feel of unnatural lighting.

“That was the major challenge and the major success of this project—to make artificial lighting seem like natural lighting,” says Mike. “And we did it.”

If you have an outdoor lighting shortage in Guelph, landscape lighting design from Moon Glow can help complete your outdoor space.

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Lovely Kitchener Landscape Lighting

Kitchener landscape lightingThe challenge at this Kitchener home was to create landscape lighting that brought people together without spoiling the mood. The result, after much experimentation and consultation with the client, was a lighting design that makes an outdoor space feel like an indoor space.

“The client had a great looking deck with a half-ceiling—perfect for sitting out and enjoying the night air,” says Mike, a member of the team that worked on the project. “What the space needed was lighting to make it something they could use 24/7.”

We considered a variety of solutions. One included placing a set of LED lights at the corners of the “room” to provide maximum of light. While attractive, the light overwhelmed the setting. The solution was to post a single spotlight at the vertex where the beams of the open ceiling met. The result is a sense of the light “fanning out” with the lines of the open ceiling.

A lack of lighting in the backyard was not an issue because so much light comes from the house. The single light on the ceiling of the open ceiling “closes” off the space without light spilling into the shadows of the dark lawn.

“It’s a cozy space, especially when we put candles out,” says Dr. Jim, owner of the house. “I like that the deck feels like a room. It’s nice to look out from the deck into the night.”

Jim said he enjoyed working with Moon Glow Lightscapes because he was initially nervous about how to approach the idea. “I didn’t want to ruin the deck with too many lights. I wanted a simple solution. That’s what I got with Moon Glow,” he says.

Since the installation of the exterior deck lighting solution, Jim and his family have hosted one dinner party.

“The gazebo lighting is exactly what we needed. It’s bright enough without being too bright and also stylish in a way. We spend a lot more time on the deck since we put the lights in than we ever did before. I wish I had the lights put in sooner.”

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London garden lighting. Tasteful solutions

London garden lightingWith carefully placed landscape lighting at this London, Ontario home, Moon Glow Lightscapes created a space where the barbecue is a part of the backyard, and not an appliance relegated to the corner.

It’s a problem most homeowners have encountered: How to keep the back deck looking attractive, clean and well-lit when the barbecue is giving off smoke and getting old? The impulse of some design firms is to hide the old barbecue under a tarp, in the garage or in the shadows. Moon Glow Lightscapes took a different approach for this barbecue-happy family. They used lighting to bring the barbecue corner out of the shadows and into the main area of the deck.

“Shadows are an important part of a lighting design. We like shadows,” says Mike, a member of the team that worked on the project. “But the problem occurs when people use shadows to hide something they don’t want to see. When they do that, they end up drawing attention to what they’re trying to hide.” The family also loves their barbecue, and that was an important part of the design decision-making. “The family uses the barbecue all the time, and so we don’t want to ignore something that’s obviously so important to them.”

At the London house, we used a set of warm, discreet, carefully placed outdoor LED spotlights to light the corner and show off the geometries of the high-end barbecue. And by coordinating the lighting of the barbecue corner with the light design on the rest of the deck and the front of the house, the entire exterior of the house has a uniform neatness. The space feels clean and rich.

Since installing the lights, the homeowners say they are ecstatic with the way the lighting creates space on their deck. “It actually feels like we have a larger deck when we turn on all the lights,” says the homeowner. “For some reason, having that dark spot where the barbecue is used to make the space seem claustrophobic. It’s amazing what a little deck light can do.”

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Safety with Beauty in Woodstock | Landscape Lighting

Beauty in WoodstockIn Woodstock, Ontario, Moon Glow used artful landscape lighting in the kickplates on the steps of this deck to create a safe transition from the deck to the yard.

The pair of doctors who own the home wanted to make the most of the backyard space, especially for those warm summer nights when sitting on the deck is made better with mood lighting. The challenge from a design standpoint was to improve the visibility of the three steps without spoiling the mood. So how did Moon Glow Lightscapes improve the safety quotient of the space without marring the beauty of the night? By weaving the lighting into the design of the deck.

“What we did was treat the lighting as an element in the design of the deck, not as something you throw on top of the already established design,” says Dave, a member of the team that worked on the project. “That’s where so many other companies get lighting wrong—they treat light as an add-on, not as an integral part of the design itself.”

The final design of the lightscaping on the deck features a set of neatly orchestrated kick plate lights that illuminate the stairs (for safety) while distributing a soft, warm light (for aesthetics). The lighting works effectively in another way—it lights up the stairs, which have no railings, without unnecessarily drawing the eyes down to the ground. This lightscaping optimizes the balance in the overall design so guests can dwell in the warmly light space without feeling they are in a spotlight.

Finally, the ambiance, enhanced by the lightscaping, moves with the seasons. In the warmer months, the subtle lighting captures the mood of cozy summer nights and crisp autumn evenings. In the winter, the durable lighting adds charm to the cool hues of snow and ice so that, even if the deck can’t be used as a dwelling space, it can still function as a well-lit and attractive space outside the window.

If you have outdoor lighting ambitions in Woodstock, landscape lighting from Moon Glow can give you what you want. Contact us today to discuss your project.