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Box Store Landscape Lighting vs Professional Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Professional Landscape Lighting FixturesThere is nothing wrong with taking on do-it-yourself projects in and around your home. For those with the knowledge and experience, it’s a good way to save money while working on something enjoyable. The trick is knowing which projects you can complete with good results and which ones would be better done by professionals.

For most people, landscape lighting is an area where some professional expertise will be a better choice that DIY. To start with, consider the difference between landscape light fixtures from a big box store and those you will get from a professional landscape lighting company.

Quality of Materials

Quality of MaterialsThere is a reason that landscape light fixtures from big box stores are inexpensive. They are mass produced and often made with cheap materials. The average outdoor lighting fixture from a home improvement store is intended to be somewhat disposable- use it for one season, and then discard it before the snow comes. If you accidentally hit it with a lawn mower, or if somebody trips over it (which would indicate it isn’t installed in a great location- another reason to opt for a professional service!), a plastic fixture is likely to break.

Professional quality fixtures are made from Brass, Copper, Aluminum and other resilient materials, and they are designed to last for many years. If you pick up a professional grade fixture in one hand and a low quality one in the other, you would notice a significant weight difference!

Lifespan and replacement cost should always be factored into your purchase decision. If a fixture only lasts a year or two compared to a better quality landscape light that will last for many years, the cheaper fixture actually costs you more. Some fixtures come with a lifetime warranty.

Warranties and Service

Warranties and ServiceYou will get a warranty with your big box landscape lighting, but it can be a hassle to try and get it fulfilled if something does go wrong. Working with professional landscape lighting contractors makes warranty and service issues much easier to deal with. There is a full warranty for both parts and labor. Make a call and they will come out to see what is wrong with the system. It may be one of the fixtures, but it could also be another type of electrical problem. Full service warranties save you a lot of time and effort.

Get a Consultation Now

Landscape lighting fixtures should be more than a light to plug in and turn on. Professional landscape lighting will be elegant and stylish, complementing the design of your home and landscape while providing reliable service that will last for years. Before you spend money on landscape lights at your local big box retailer, talk to a landscape lighting company about the difference in fixture quality and level of service that they provide. Contact us today.