Landscape Lighting FAQ’s

Will my energy bill increase?

The cost associated with operating the average installation is very minimal. It would add between 5$-10$ to your monthly electricity bill on average.

Will I have to watch out for wires when mowing my lawn?

No. All wires required for your system will be buried underground, so you will not be at risk of damaging them during lawn and garden maintenance activities. If we are required to run wires across your turf, we will create a very small trench, insert the wires, and close up the opening. If we are doing this through a particularly vulnerable area, we use conduit to protect the wire.

Are the lights a fire hazard? Are they safe?

Moon Glow uses 12 volt systems that are significantly safer than your average in-home voltage of 110 volts. Low voltage systems pose no shock risk, even if cables are damaged. An additional benefit of low voltage systems is that they require less hardware and wiring so they are more discrete.

Will the fixtures create light pollution/bother my neighbours?

The low voltage fixtures emit a soft glow that is angled specifically to enhance the evening atmosphere in your own property. Your system will not be obtrusive to properties surrounding you, and you will be able to enjoy your property glowing under a black sky.

How long does it take to install?

An average installation can be complete in as little as a day, with no interruption or repairs required to your landscape.

How much does it cost?

An average installation starts at $2000. This includes design consultation, installation of high quality fixtures with excellent warranties, and programming and training for your new system.

Do I have to turn my system on and off?

Your custom system will be programmed to automatically turn on and off when you would like it to. The settings are also easy to override, so you are able to spend more time into the evening in your outdoor living space without difficulty if you desire.

Can I use my fixtures in the winter?

You can continue to enjoy your system right through the winter. LED bulbs will melt the any snow that piles up on the fixtures, so they will not become buried.