Picture Perfect Lights from Your Holiday Lighting Installers at MoonGlow Lightscapes

lightingThere’s no need for you to untangle that mess of old, dull Christmas lights this year. Let us hang new, bright, LED Christmas lights across the top of your home, around all your windows, throughout the branches of your trees and around the patio columns that frame your front stoop. You can just kick back, relax and enjoy the festive season with friends and family while our holiday lighting installers make your lights (and your home) look stunning.

We also provide festive urns, giving you magical curb appeal and expressing your love for the season .

Holiday décor is an important part of the winter season for many people, but installing your outdoor decorations can be exhausting, hard on the hands and dangerous! It can also be difficult to fit into your schedule during this busy time of the year. Visiting family every weekend, taking the kids out for festive weekend fun – where is the time to light up your home? It is also a painfully tedious job that will look unappealing if not done well. And it’s not over once you’ve completed installing – you still have to worry about taking them down.

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Show your Holiday Spirit


  • Illuminate hard to reach areas
  • Give the neighbourhood something to marvel at
  • Don’t worry about installation or takedown
  • Forget about storing decorations throughout the year
  • Get the best, brightest lights available

Crown your Home with a String of Festive Colour

Our specialty equipment can safely reach all points of your home, allowing you to have lights in places that you haven’t been able to access before. If you’ve always wanted your front yard trees to be lit, but you’ve been hesitating to get out the ladder, we can make it happen for you.

Request a consultation with our holiday lighting installers and get your Christmas lights up early. Give the neighbourhood plenty of time to enjoy your beautiful property!