Deck Lighting to Liven Up your Outdoor Entertaining

Paint your outdoor living space with a soft glow so that you can linger on your deck, entertaining or relaxing well into the evening hours. Illuminating your outdoor living or dining areas will allow you to take advantage of your landscaping investments, and encourage you to enjoy your back patio well after sundown. There is no better place to entertain than under a starry sky.

Impress Your Neighbours and Guests

  • Diffuse a subtle radiance over the space where you host your guests
  • Illuminate your outdoor dining table for comfortable eating and drinking
  • Enjoy a lit up outdoor living space under a dark sky
  • Showcase the beautiful backyard that you have invested in
  • Look out upon your deck and appreciate your landscaping from within your home

Create Ambiance

Take pleasure in spending warm nights in the open air. You can create an enchanting atmosphere in your personal outdoor oasis, extending its nighttime use for many months of the year.  Fixtures can be hidden in surrounding trees or concealed by your structures, or installed out in the open to add to the design theme of your living space.

The effects that can be achieved are stunning. While creating an intimate and protected atmosphere, you can ensure your steps and boundaries are lit to improve the comfort and enjoyment of your family members and guests.

Design your Custom System

Envision how you would like to utilize your outdoor property. When you work with Moon Glow to create your custom arrangement, you are guaranteed to achieve the effect that you crave while improving the functionality of your backyard for your desired uses. Our discrete fixtures provide you with a comfortable amount of radiance, without being obtrusive as full strength overhead bulbs can be.

We provide you with fully programmable high quality fixtures and transformers, and complete the programming for you so that you can enjoy their appearance without any disturbance.  Your low maintenance system is comprised of durable and resilient hardware, backed by substantial warranties.

Request a consultation now and amplify your enjoyment of the landscaping that you have invested in.