Outdoor Driveway Lighting to Increase Your Nighttime Curb Appeal

Subtle lighting of your driveway provides a welcoming approach to your home in the evening, enhancing your curb appeal and improving the safety of the family members and guests who arrive after sundown. You can create many different effects, from accentuating a gorgeous interlocking drive, to giving a discrete glow that shifts the focal point towards your front entrance.

Illuminate for Aesthetics and Safety

  • Elegantly identify your vehicle entrance
  • Use a soft glow to guide your family members and guests inside
  • Increase the security of those arriving and departing in the dark
  • Gently illuminate any tripping hazards
  • Deter intruders or trespassers
  • Create a luxurious estate effect for your home

Improve your Home’s Security

Throughout the long winter season in Ontario, many of us depart in darkness in the morning and return home during or after sunset. Outlining your driveway with soft beams will improve your comfort departing and entering your house in the evening or early morning, and make it easier for you to load and unload your car.

If you leave your vehicle parked outside overnight, having outdoor driveway lighting is a strong deterrent for trespassers. The glow created by our quality fixtures are programmed by us to turn on and off at specified times, giving you improved security with little effort or hassle.

Custom Systems for Standout Properties

You can achieve an elegant manor effect, or improve the function of your front yard for relaxing or receiving guests in the evening when you work with Moon Glow to design your custom system. You will enjoy the simplicity of hidden fixtures, buried wires, and a fully programmed system that brings your desired ambience to your gorgeous landscaping when the sun goes down.

Request a consultation today, and discover how expert design can increase your curb appeal and create a warm, welcoming effect.