Gazebo Lighting Adds Sparkle to Outdoor Gatherings

There is nothing more elegant than a glowing gazebo under a black sky. When you are fortunate enough to have such a gorgeous design feature, you should be able to enjoy it well into the evening. Whether you are hosting guests, quietly relaxing in your outdoor living space, or looking out upon you backyard from your kitchen or living room, illuminating it will increase your enjoyment and enhance your landscaping.

Add Evening Flair to your Landscape

  • Showcase your distinctive architecture
  • Create a charming atmosphere for relaxing or entertaining
  • Add luminosity to your gardens after sunset

Subdued Radiance Highlights the Unique Architectural Structure

Cast dramatic shadows and accentuate the distinctive design of your gazebo or pergola by using hidden fixtures to illuminate the structure. Your backyard shelter can be the focal point of your landscape.

Diffused Glow to Create Ambiance

You can create an enchanting atmosphere under your pergola by bathing the sheltered spot in a warm diffused glow. Your guests will be drawn in to the relaxing ambiance that your backyard provides.

Accent the Surrounding Foliage with Hidden Fixtures

Concealed fixtures can enhance the texture of the surrounding flower beds and features when the darkness makes the landscape appear flat. When you have invested in your property, and introduced components that express your personality, you don’t want to lose the interest that you have created when the sun goes down.

Custom Illumination for your Lawn

When you work with Moon Glow, you receive a custom system comprised of the highest quality fixtures that will provide many years of service. Your wiring will all be buried, and the fixtures discrete or hidden so that they do not interfere with the use of your property.

Depending on your desired use of your outdoor space, Moon Glow will program your system so that it is fully automated, specific to your needs. This allows you to enjoy the effect, without having to worry about managing your lighting on a daily basis.

Request a consultation today and transform your property with ambiance.