Pathway lighting is a great attention grabber

Pathway lighting will light up your garden paths, entrances and hidden walkways to create enchanting focal points show off your interlocking or stone walkways and guide your family and guests through your property. Walkways are a large investment in a landscaping project and it’s a shame to let them disappear when the sun sets.

Add depth to your nighttime property

Path Lighting for Evening Walkways

Without anything to illuminate your paths and gardens, the property beyond your deck or patio can disappear into the darkness. Give your property depth and texture after sundown by brightening your winding pathways with our fully programmable custom systems.

  • Enhance the beauty and functionality of your property
  • Use our experts to design outdoor path lighting that nobody else has
  • Enjoy your landscape investments well into the evening
  • Maintain useful outdoor space 24 hours a day
  • Make your property more striking and attention stealing
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Custom programmable landscape lighting

Our custom systems will give you the gorgeous path lighting effect that you dream of whether you live in London, Guelph or anywhere between. They can be programmed to ensure you never have to worry about turning them on or off. Moon Glow works with you to create a system that perfectly complements the desired effect on your property, whether your goal is to enhance the ambience for entertaining, create a calm atmosphere for relaxing or just to enjoy your landscaping from inside your home.

Start dreaming of your perfect evening landscape

Request a free consultation today and let Moon Glow help you bring your backyard to life. Your outdoor space is part of your home. Start taking full advantage of it today by extending its useful hours beyond sunset with gazebo, deck, garden, and paths lighting.