Programmable Lighting for a No-Hassle Backyard Paradise

Imagine returning home after a long day to a stunningly lit property or allowing your patio time to transition from afternoon to evening without excusing yourself from your hosting duties to start up the outdoor lighting system. All custom landscape lighting systems that Moon Glow creates run on programmable outdoor light timers, ensuring you get to enjoy your investment every day without distraction.

  • You don’t have to be home to turn the fixtures on
  • Fixtures can be adjusted to stay on for different times on different days
  • Automatically adjusts to changing sunset time based on geographic location
  • Easy override allows you to change the settings without struggle when required
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Fully Automated for Maximum Enjoyment

Whether you live in London, Guelph or somewhere between you’ll appreciate the feeling of returning home to a fully illuminated house with driveway and pathway lighting welcoming you. The ease of having your programmable outdoor lights automatically switched on also encourages outdoor entertaining in the precious months when Ontario’s climate allows it. Moon Glow’s custom systems can be set up to turn off just after your typical bedtime to conserve energy or left on until the sun rises to increase your home’s security and deter trespassers.

Easy to override for special occasions

If you’re hosting a family reunion and your guests stay later than your programmed shut off time, they will not be left in the dark. You can reactivate your lighting with the push of a button once it goes off or easily override your settings prior to the party.

Create Your Custom Automated System

No matter how you plan to use your outdoor living space, we can create a custom system with programmable LED lights to enhance your property dramatically. Contact us to request a free consultation now for programmable exterior lights.