Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Maintenance Booking reliable landscape lighting maintenance will sustain your enjoyment of your investment, and sustain the increased property value that comes along with it. Although our custom systems are generally very low maintenance, there are several reasons why landscape lighting maintenance might be required:

  • Refocusing adjustments to account for natural growth or plants, shrubs, and trees
  • Accidentally cut wires as a result of yard work
  • Replacement of warranty items
  • Changes in landscape design or introduction of new features
  • The usage patterns for your property have evolved
  • Rodent damage to power lines
  • Converting incandescent system to LED
  • Upgrading to better quality fixtures
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Adjust to Changes in your Landscape

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Services Over time, you might make changes to your landscaping or experience the effect created by your system being affected by plant growth. You might even find that years after your fixtures are installed you want to change the focus of your outdoor living space to a different area. Moon Glow can account for your changes and ensure that you continue having the ambiance you desire by adjusting your fixtures or providing other important landscape lighting maintenance tasks.

Reliable and Professional Services

Because our team has such a specialized focus, we have the most extensive industry knowledge and the ability to solve any issues with your system in a timely manner. Our uniformed and friendly staff can give you the service you need, whether you are looking for annual maintenance, or for help identifying and fixing a problem with your system. Contact Moon Glow today to discuss your landscape lighting maintenance and repair requirements.