Path Lighting Done Differently

When discussing path lighting, there will be many whose mind runs to Noma Moon Rays or a similar kind of product that they once installed at home. At Moon Glow, our thoughts turn to other opportunities to light the path. In fact, we often look at how we can light a path without a path light. Here are some of our favourite options:

  • Downlighting. In our opinion, when done right, nothing is quite as striking as downlighting. We look for options of downlighting from trees, soffits and other outdoor structures. From a tree, you will not only gain the obvious safe passage from this lighting technique, but also the allure of shadows from the foliage and branching. When trees are not available we go to structural mounting, always keeping in mind that the light source needs to be concealed as much as possible.
  • Post and Under-Coping Lights. In many home scenarios, we find that there is a narrow pathway to the backyard that has the outside of the wall on one side and a fence on the other side. This presents another unique opportunity to light the path. Under railings, on posts or as part of stone pillars or walls are also very popular for path illumination.
  • Last but not least is the most obvious – using a Path Light. Path lights are the most visible of any kind of lighting fixture, so we pay close attention to the style of your home, your input and any other property features to ensure a very complimentary product is installed.

To see what we have in store to light your path and property contact us today!