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Winter Lighting

Moon Glow now offers a way for you to show your holiday spirit with your existing landscape lighting system! Red, Green, Blue and Amber colours are available to exchange in your up-light and in-ground fixtures. Call us today to pick your colours for the season!

Short, dark, and colder days – all part of the Winter Season that no one enjoys.  Moon Glow wants to shed some light on a way to brighten this time of year (excuse the heavy puns).   Lighting for the entire Winter Season is a way to get the most out of your lights and bring a certain joy and pleasure to your household.

Extended periods of light use – November through March – has become more common.  Lit roof lines and wrapped trees bring life to the property as darkness settles in early. The sensation of returning to your glowing home after a day at work is sure to provide great cheer.  The view from inside your home is of equal or greater importance

Warm white is a popular choice.  It’s a welcoming tone that blends well with other outdoor light sources, plus resembles the glow that emits out the windows from inside the home.  Pure white is a strong alternative to compliment the season.  This sharp white tone stands out and draws positive attention to your home. Evergreen trees are enhanced as the crisp colour brings a ‘pop’ to the natural blues and greens. Snow and frost will have an enriched appearance.

Restaurants and businesses also benefit from attractive light displays that they can appreciate over the full-length of Wintertime.

Look no further than Moon Glow Lightscapes to start your Winter lighting experience!

Holiday Lighting Professionals

It seems simple enough in this day of DIY television networks, YouTube, and how-to sessions at the local hardware store that you as a homeowner can handle almost anything. So why should holiday lighting be any different? We believe that there are several reasons to choose the lighting professionals at Moon Glow:

  • Our staff are certified for working at heights as well as for (when required) operating mechanical lifts and bucket trucks
  • ‘Baby it’s cold outside.’ Our crews are prepared to work in these conditions so you don’t have to! Just stay inside and enjoy the light!
  • We save you space. Not only do we perform installation and tear-down, we tuck the lights away in labelled storage bins until next season.
  • We have a network of distributors who offer us the best quality of professional-grade products as well as the latest trends in holiday lighting. We can get that special item you want to complete the perfect display!
  • It goes without saying that if you injured falling off the ladder it may lead to lost time at work and more. We are well trained and fully insured so that if something was to happen you are covered.

For more even more reasons why you should book holiday lighting installation this season, check out our blog here.

If you want to make the neighbours envious of your holiday display this season, contact us today!

Lighting for Special Events

Are you looking for a way to WOW your guests this year? Have you considered lighting as part of your special event?

It seems obvious that you need light to carry the party into the evening, but how much emphasis have you placed on this very important component?

At Moon Glow, we specialize in two basic categories of lighting – landscape and holiday. Both of these formats can complement your function regardless of the time of year.

Holiday lighting can extend its usefulness into the warmer months for outdoor weddings, parties and other events.

  • A selection of trees lit with closely wrapped white strands adds a warmth and balance to the festivities.
  • Temporary or permanent up-lighting of trees and other subjects invites your guests outside to enjoy the evening hours.
  • Path lighting will guide your friends, family or colleagues to a wonderful night!

Contact us today to bring light to your event.