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A Lighting Solution for Any Property

Through various social media channels and the Moon Glow website, we love to share and showcase the amazing results we create with landscape lighting.  The sites we highlight are of all shapes and sizes, although a perception exists that only large homes and estates have landscape lighting installed.  To the contrary, we provide lighting solutions for any property.

Our first meeting with a potential client quells these concerns early on as we discuss how lighting can be phased-in over several years and/or steps.  With close involvement of the homeowner, we discuss priorities of not just the now, but also the future.  Perhaps a patio area is most-important to start, followed by the remainder of the backyard, and lastly the front of the property. It is most important for us to learn from this initial conversation what is your big-picture plan. From this we can develop a scheme for the infrastructure – namely transformer(s).  Selecting the right size and location will not just help today, but down the road as we add on to your system. A transformer is the lifeline of any system, and as such it is critical to install something that will accommodate potential growth.  Some sites may be better suited to have multiple transformers due to size or layout.  Having an electrician provide new receptacles could come from this conversation. With the right transformer in place we can build you a lighting system that will suite your wants and needs, now and in the future.

If you plan on adding landscape lighting to your environment, give Moon Glow a call to formulate your plan.

Anatomy of a Lighting Installation

For this blog post, we thought it would make sense to explain the process we use when it comes to actually installing a full lighting system. This is the stuff that ensures you have a well designed quality system for years to come.

When we arrive on site with our fixtures, bulbs, tools and plan, we start by flagging out the location of all of the lights we intend to install.

Fixture assembly comes next. We not only install the bulbs, but also lubricate the gaskets and put anti-corrosion compound on the bulb contacts or pins. We also install any ground spikes at this time as well as some other helpful items for glare control and effect.

Before our next step of digging in the wire, we have to perform some mathematics to ensure our power levels are solid. With LEDs this process has been greatly ‘dumbed down’, but it’s still important to have proper voltage over the length of the run to accommodate the lights we install.

Once we dig in the wire to an appropriate depth (not just below the mulch in gardens!), we can move to the next step which is fixture installation. Generally, we want to leave some extra wire for anything ground mounted to accommodate future relocation. If we are installing lights in trees we use stainless steel screws that will not be harmful. On decks, fences or more visible areas we take great care to eliminate the visibility of wire.

The transformer/ timer installation and connection is next. The location of this was pre-determined as we had to run the wire back to its location. It is imperative is that we plug into a working GFCI receptacle with an in-use cover. Then all that is left is to set the timer and test the system.

The last and most important piece is to revisit the site in the dark to fine tune the direction of the lights for optimized effect. It is possible to get very close to our targets in the day, but the night time visit ensures the greatest success. With this step complete we reveal the install to another happy customer.

If you want to see this process come to reality at your home, please contact us today!