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Tools that get the Job Done

There might be a better way.

A good contributor to what makes our success is the equipment and tools we use to produce great lighting results. At Moon Glow we are continually investing in items to make us more efficient, effective and productive.

In 2017, a second bucket truck was added. With two of these types of vehicles in our fleet we are able to execute a great deal of holiday lighting installations on trees, homes and commercial sites. The large amount of on-board storage allows us to have a mobile warehouse of materials and tools for our landscape and holiday seasons. Each of these trucks is equipped with three ladders – one extension plus 6’ and 10’ step ladders.

We also elected to add a wire tracker to our arsenal. As the name would indicate, this tool is used for locating wire. Using this tool could lead to finding so much more – like a buried light fixture. When it comes to servicing lighting systems this tool is invaluable when seeking breaks in the wire.  Another benefit is the ability to map a site making future service calls easier with the knowledge gained from mapping.

Not all of the equipment we use is owned. Our rental partners provide us with an array of tools to get the job done. Extended lifts are necessary when we want to reach beyond the 35 feet offered by our trucks. We have also taken advantage of narrow trenchers and vibratory plows to efficiently install large amounts of wire.

It is important to us here at Moon Glow to be able to do the job right, in a tidy manner and on time. Having the right tools allows us to handle these tasks accordingly.

If you want to see us put these pieces to work for you, call Moon Glow today.

Reviving Your Lighting System

Outdoor landscape lighting

Over the previous season we encountered a handful of landscape lighting systems that, since installation, had been left untouched.  Needless to say, each of these sites required some attention.

At Moon Glow we take a great deal of pride in our ability to install a great design for you. But equally as important to us is our capacity to service systems that we may or may not have installed.

Regular maintenance is crucial

Like your furnace or air conditioner, a scheduled maintenance is a good way to keep everything in perfect working order. We understand that life gets hectic, so having your system in perfect working order ensures complete enjoyment during your down time.

It starts with:

  • Safeguarding seals and sockets to ensure that dampness issues don’t arise.
  • Cleaning the lens of a light fixture allows the bulb to present itself like it was new.

We also check to see that the bulb is in perfect working order.

From this service we move along to straightening and possible relocation.  In our Canadian climate, the freeze/thaw cycle means ground-mounted lights may shift out of position.

Moving fixtures may be necessary as the garden matures.  Plants grow.  Your lighting may require adjusting with this.

This could even mean a bulb change or the addition of another fixture to capture a now-larger specimen.

Tree-mounted lights need extra care and attention

We highly value the importance of servicing tree-mounted lights.

As trees grow, it is vital that we adjust the fasteners to keep the fixture from being in direct contact with the tree to maintain plant health.  Wire fasteners see the same service.

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget to replace the batteries in your timer!

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