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Trends: Low Voltage Security Lighting

It’s been well documented that landscape lighting has a great impact on security and safety within residential properties. By creating safe passage, awareness of changes in elevation along walkways or just a well-lit area that provides a wall of light to keep the unwanted out, lighting lends greatly to the sanctuary that is your home.

To take it one step further, we now have available to us a line of heavy duty lighting made specifically for the commercial and industrial security market.

This line of simple fixtures is available in a finish similar to galvanized, and is rugged enough to take the site conditions expected.

  • Area lights (similar in appearance to traditional path lights) can be fastened to the top of chain link fencing to give high, bright coverage.
  • Rectangular wall packs are also available for areas that don’t have the fence to fasten to.

Both styles of light fixtures draw a small amount of hydro as they are lit with energy efficient LEDs. These LEDs are a bright white colour to ensure high amounts of visibility to not only impact intruders, but to also positively aid those using the yard. This light colour is also most effective for visibility for security cameras. In summary, these fixtures are high quality, glare free and targeted light.

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