Trends: Outdoor Speaker Systems

We’re always providing reasons to stay out late with landscape lighting, so why not offer another way to enjoy your outdoor experience? Outdoor speaker systems have become a popular addition to any backyard staycation, not to mention a natural extension of our offerings.

The latest in this line of technology is not a pair of wall-mounted loud speakers or speakers smartly designed likes rock, but instead a set of sleek speakers placed strategically within your landscape. Commonly finished in an earthtone shade, these small speakers bear a close resemblance to up-light fixtures and blend perfectly into the environment. Neighbour friendly, sound only projects in the pointed direction. Sub-woofers can be buried in the garden in most cases, but are also available as stylish designs like patio tables and planter-pots. These wired systems produce fantastic sound and atmosphere. This system can easily be incorporated into your existing system or set up with new hardware.

Pool and patio season just got better!

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